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First #UMKCWS Summer Newsletter,2014

The Writing Studio Window

Summer Newsletter, 2014

This past week we’ve been so busy! I know, I know; we really should have run a live twitter feed of the meetings and donuts. BUT we’re making up for it now. Here’s a summary of what kind of shenanigans we’ve been up to that are going to help improve your writing & learning experience here at UMKC:

Welcome to the Club

We successfully indoctrinated—uh, I mean trained, two new wonderful consultants, DJ and Mindi. But for real, we are very excited for all the hard work they have done, and the new things they are already bringing to the table!

Summer Bridge Program

To my knowledge, this was UMKC’s first time to ever offer the Summer Bridge program, which helpfully transitions high school grads into college life. It’s an honor to tell all our readers that the Summer Bridge scholars we just spent 3 months with graduated from their program yesterday. They successfully persevered through hours of difficult classes & workshops. We are very proud of you guys, and are grateful you allowed us on this journey with you. Don’t forget that learning, and writing, are an ongoing process. You reminded us of that. The journey doesn’t stop here; it’s just begun. We look forward to seeing you all just as often in the Fall.

Writing Studio staff—my dear oddball intellectuals—worked tirelessly on Summer Bridge planning! Big shout-out to Tish, McKensie, Mustafaa, Marie, Jordan, and of course Big T, the boss of WS operations. DJ and Minidi, you also bravely jumped in! It must be said, the kind of learning these bright, new scholars have experienced this summer would never have been possible without our own staff’s quirky and energetic dynamic. It can now be said that our special brand of dedication and creative way of persevering through new challenges mirrors that of our Summer Bridge Scholars.  And, based on the scholars’ feedback, I’d say we rocked this. Our writers recognize it. May this WS student-tutor community solidarity carry over into the Fall semester.

UMKCWS Catalogue Overhaul

Guess what. We’ve dusted off the cobwebs. The beloved 60 page tome known as The Handbook which has guided UMKCWS staff for centuries is now undergoing a serious overhaul, and each staff member is revising their own section. We reconvene for a Handbook meeting this coming week to debate and settle on how the handbook will look for Fall 2014. Donuts may or may not be available. Stay tuned for updates.

Upcoming Avanzando Workshop

Consultants Mustafaa and Marie just completed the WS’s outline for our first Avanzando Scholars “Personal Statement Workshop.” The date of the Avanzando Workshop will take place on Aug. 11 in the Student Union.

What, Another Retreat?

Your faithful and dedicated staff are going to their annual WS Continuing Education Retreat, August 14th-15th. They are just about prepared to undergo rigorous workshops, so as to improve their mad tutoring skillz. Send them your best.

What’s this #AcWriMo thing?

Starting Friday, November 1st, and throughout the month of November you’ll be seeing us push the AcWriMo tag to remind ourselves of a need for greater writing achievement. The acronym stands for Academic Writing Month, and is a companion piece to National Novel Writing month for academic writers started by Charlotte Frost and the PhD2Published online community. It was originally created as Academic Book Writing Month (AcBoWriMo), but has been expanded to include everyone working on academic writing.

Here at the UMKC Writing Studio, we’re all academic writers with projects that we must complete ranging from term papers and stories all the way through PhD dissertations and 1st books. We hope you’ll join us in November as we push hard to meet our deadlines, and share updates with #AcWriMo.

We’re looking forward to seeing your writing and your updates. As always, write on brave writers!

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