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What’s this #AcWriMo thing?

Starting Friday, November 1st, and throughout the month of November you’ll be seeing us push the AcWriMo tag to remind ourselves of a need for greater writing achievement. The acronym stands for Academic Writing Month, and is a companion piece to National Novel Writing month for academic writers started by Charlotte Frost and the PhD2Published online community. It was originally created as Academic Book Writing Month (AcBoWriMo), but has been expanded to include everyone working on academic writing.

Here at the UMKC Writing Studio, we’re all academic writers with projects that we must complete ranging from term papers and stories all the way through PhD dissertations and 1st books. We hope you’ll join us in November as we push hard to meet our deadlines, and share updates with #AcWriMo.

We’re looking forward to seeing your writing and your updates. As always, write on brave writers!

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